Bosun Yacht Services, LLC.

Bosun Yacht Services was established in 2001 by Dave van der Spuy. Since that time, we have provided rigging and management services. This consists of (but is not limited to) replacing rigging, installing deck hardware, being the owner's representative on new hi tech boats being built in the US and abroad, and supplying running rigging. In recent times we have concentrated on yacht management and running rigging (building custom halyards, sailboat sheets and lines).

In 1985, Dave graduated from YDI Schools with a diploma in Small craft naval Architecture from YDI Schools (Castine, Maine). On returning to South Africa, he got sidelined into spar/mast building and rigging working for Paul Green Masts and then Wespar. Here, he worked building spars with Proctor, Sparcraft, Isomat, Francespar and Z-Spar mast sections and systems, and rigging and stepping them. In 1993 he started his own mast building company D-Spars (Pty) Ltd, which he sold in 1995 before emigrating to the USA. In the US he worked with Chesapeake Rigging for six years before starting his own Bosun Yacht Services.

His sailing experience includes over 30 000 miles of ocean cruising in the Indian and Atlantic. Offshore racing experience includes 3 Annapolis/Bermuda races, 2 Newport Bermuda races, 2 Pineapple cup Montego Bay races, 2 Vasco Da Gama's and many more. Regatta sailing includes 6 Key Wests, 4 SORC's, 2 Big Boat series, 3 Block Island Race Weeks and countless events racing on the Chesapeake. All this has given him a very broad and deep knowledge of the demands and requirements on today's running rigging. This experience enables Bosun Yacht Services to provide you with what works best in practice!