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  • Control Lines

    Control lines are used for the mechanics or the boat as ; halyard tails, vang lines, purchase lines, traveller lines, in-hauls, outhauls, tweekers etc.
  • Sheets

    To pull it in and let it out use need a sheet, easy right?  Easy on the hands, must float, must have no stretch, must be light and I need to be able taper it.  Unfortunately no one as you does it all as you know but Southern Ropes has you covered with a large variety of quality lines manufactured specifically for sheets.
  • Single Braids

    Single braids, often known as core lines are usual constructed from hi-tech materials line Dyneema , Spectra, Vectran etc.  They are used in applications of high loads,  where stretch stretch stretch, small diameters for less windage and weight savings are required.  Typical application being halyards.